Meet the Team

As Mortgage Lending Specialists, we’ve hand picked a vibrant and dynamic team. Together we strive to deliver consistent and outstanding results, building on what our customers want and need to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Sze Chuah


Sze helps his clients grow their portfolios and achieve their property goals. Sze is also a successful and experienced property investor in his own right.

Sze holds undergraduate qualifications in Finance, Science and Computing, and postgraduate degrees in business and taxation, including a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Outside of work, Sze enjoys travelling, working out and spending time with his wife and 2 young children. He also enjoys attending personal development courses and is an avid sports fan (including being a Parramatta Eels tragic).

Kanella Cantwell

Business Team Leader

Kanella is a customer service professional with over 15 years of wide ranging knowledge in mortgages, property, sales operations and management in financial services and property.

Kanella enjoys talking to people to understand their financial requirements in order to help achieve their goals. Key skills include: Pipeline Management, Team Manager, Project Manager, Relationship Manager, Customer Service & Sales Support, Home Loan Processing, Discharges & Account Maintenance.

Outside of work, Kanella enjoys spending time with family and friends, shopping, travelling, gardening, going to the beach and trying new things.

Winston Lim

Senior Loan Processor

Has been working under co-founder Sze Chuah in finance and lending, for 2.5 years.

Winston is currently a final year university student at UTS studying finance and engineering. Through his study, he has developed a deep understanding of working with both numbers and money and this supplemented his ability to assist the clients at Mortgage Lending Specialists.

In his spare time, Winston enjoys Muay Thai & Kick boxing, working out, technology and hanging with his friends.

Tiff Blandford

Senior Loan Processor

Tiff’s role is to fire loans out faster than you can say: ‘Interest rates are rising’. As the self-proclaimed genius of the team, she prides herself on fixing fridges and providing the team with an abundance of tips for daily process improvements.

Whether it comes to servicing or payslip calculations, her decade’s worth of experience at RAMS makes her more than a match for the most stubborn of credit assessment officers.

As a taco lover, Tiff enjoys sipping on red wine, indulging in caffeine and travelling over the world.

Eduard Druga

Loan Processor

Eduard prepares compliance documents and application forms to a high standard, ensuring a quality loan application is sent to the bank.

Graduating with a degree in secondary education (Maths), Eduard brings an analytical mindset and a love of numbers to his role, always aiming for a positive outcome for clients.

On the side, Eduard loves music, travelling with friends and dancing to music videos like a professional.

Clar Alcantara

Loan Processor

Clar also prepares compliance documents and application forms to a high standard, ensuring a quality loan application is sent to the bank.

Holding a degree in financial management, Clar applies her flexible and creative mindset to come up with innovative financial solutions for clients.

Her hobbies include active stock trading as well as travelling, reading and writing.

Wayne Hedley

Review Broker

Wayne is in charge of looking after existing clientele. Whether it be refinancing for better rates or purchasing another investment property, Wayne will show you the ins and outs property investing.

With 7 years experience as a chiropractor, Wayne has a developed a savvy can-do attitude that can break down the most complex of scenarios (literally and figuratively!). He is currently completing his Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking, reinforcing his role as the knowledgeable scenarios guru.

IIn his free time, Wayne enjoys gyming weekly and reminiscing on his orange belt in karate,


Kevin Quach


Kevin assists in collating loan documentation and communicating with relevant stakeholders.

As a current University of Sydney student majoring in finance, Kevin brings a diverse skill set including teamwork, attention to detail and even IT support. Through his adaptability and willingness to learn, Kevin has fast become a valuable asset to the team.

Kevin is an avid fan of martial arts including Taekwondo and Brazilian jujitsu and loves to kick butt in his free time.

Sierra Fraser


Sierra assists in collating loan documentation, communicating with relevant stakeholders and being a welcoming host at the front desk.

Exposed to the banking and finance environment from a young age, Sierra has developed an innate understanding of client needs making her a valuable customer service professional.

In her spare time, she enjoys dancing as well as spending time with friends and family.

Wayne Matthews

Mortgage Broker

Wayne is an independent broker that operates under MLS Finance. He leverages our resources and experienced team of loan processors to focus on delivering a great outcome for his clients.

To his role, Wayne brings a career’s worth of experience in the finance and broking industry, offering his pearls of knowledge that can only be gained from years of practice.

In his free time, Wayne enjoys sharing his history as a professional footballer and professing to those who listen… to be wary of Geminis.  


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